tahun baru maal hijrah

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Assalamualaikum…apa citer bro? menghilang hampir setahun? hehe..buat apa agk nyer? hehe..tbe2 da msuk tahun baru hijrah dan nk dkt masuk tahun baru masihi nih..barula aku terigt yg aku ader lg personal blog upenyer..hehe..wujud lg domain nih upenyer..mklumla yg renewkn pn abah den..so, terserlahla sifat2 xreti nk mnghargai bnde yg da ada tuh dlm diri saya ini..huhu..tp sedih gk klo tbe2 taip zulhusni.com tapi da xde da blog nih..so, ape2 hal pn..tq abah sebab still renewkn domain dan hosting saye ni yer..

azam tahun baru saya agar menjadi lebih rajin dalam belajar dan beramal..dan pemalas dalam tido dan layan muvie..dan supaya saya lebih rajin jgak dalam nk mengupdate blog nih..hehe

Selamat Tahun Baru Maal Hijrah!

new comeback!

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fuuh!..its been about a year i’ve not publish anything in this blog..i did not know why but i kinda lost my grip with blogging maybe due to my hectic lifestyle in campus and also because of the wifi connection which didn’t reach to my room..arrgh just imagine that!. all my friends out there, sorry for not being around in this blogging world although i’m still around in the real world..huhu..don’t worry guys, now i’m back and will keep myself with blogging. A year has gone and there are lot of things that had happened. i had a motocycle accident, broken leg, and serious injuries due to martial art tournament that i joined. that are the bad things only. but there lots more good things that happened and i’ll surely blog about it. moreover, i had missed lots of stories with all of u. cant wait to hear more..will keep in touch! Teens make money online are back!

IIUM silat team

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salam, hi. lama sangat dah aku x update blog aku nih. nk dekat sebulan kowt. n aku pon x mnyempat nk cerita psl hal2 peribadi n kehidupan aku. kekadang tuh bosan gk cter psl blogging jer..neway, arini nk cter skit psl silat tournament yg aku join dua bulan lepas kt ukm bangi. wlopon kalah final ngn bdk um, tapi puas hati gk laa maen arituh lgpon game nih ktorang iium silat team anggap sebgai pemanas badan jerr..huhu..

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College..here we go again

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Hi guys, I’m back to my college at iium gombak after a month of holiday. Today is my first day attending my studio class in this semester. As i had told you that i’m first year architecture student. There will gonna be tons of work and project waiting to burden me after this as i had just received my first project brief this morning in the studio. I’m afraid of not having time to update my Teens Make Money Online after this. but don’t worry, as soon as i done all my studies on that particular day, i’ll get back blogging. Today, i just wandering and thinking about what i had done with my 30 days of holiday. here are the list:

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iium tabuh hills expedition

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hi, this is about my trip climbing the Tabuh Hills last 3 weeks before. The tabuh hills is situated at gombak, malaysia which is just beside my university. that’s why i’m eager on telling you about this because it is a fun thing for new student like me to watch my own university from the sky. want to take a plane and watch it from the above?? no budget maa..

the expedition of tabuh hills starts on friday night. me and my friends(usrah group) gathered at a mosque and we have “kuliah magrib” togather. as early as 4 o’clock, we woke up to perform tahajud prayer. then, after we had done subuh prayer and had some rest, we went to the nearest cemetery to have some ritual calling up the undead. Ooo..just kidding. we still went to the cemetery but we just had some lectures remembering about death.

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Architecture design : abstract painting

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hi, nice to have me back in the blog…hehe. the last 2 weeks had been very busy for me to post anything. starting with new group projects and assignments, all of my time are wasted at the studio without any chances of writing any post. as an architect student, that’s the life i’ll be facing for whole of my life…what??. yeah thats right! so, what will i talk about this time in this post..hehe. i had mention about my group projects early therefore, i would like to share to all of you about the project which is an abstract painting with the theme of intuition of heart. our concept is based on meteor thus you can see the result below…huhu

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I got into university at last!

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after a year of struggling at the IIUM foundation, i am now an undergraduate student in the International Islamic University of Malaysia. I got into a university at last! ( daa..what’s a big deal maa..). haha..just to express the exaggeration of my feeling in this blog. that’s what blog is all about, right? (yeah..besides updating news and people making money from it, of course). okey, i had registered in on 2nd july and attending the boring newcomers programs for a week which we call it taaruf week. i am pursuing my degree of science in architecture for three years in the university.

so, this is a new experience for me with all of new things, new peoples, new places and new chicks maa..hehe..just kidding. sometimes when i’m facing this fealing, it comes up with new spirit for me to get better in academic and getting higher score by challenging other students that came from all over the world. however, didnt know when will the spirit last because the eagerness in the spirit doesnt come with action haha.. i’m kinda lazy student but, whatever we do, just keep struggling and studying without getting ourselves into disciplines act or worst expelled. okey hope to see you soon as i’m getting busier2 trying to catch time just to write a post, and dont shy to ask me anything or about the IIUM from the students perspective.

ilal liqa’

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