IIUM silat team

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salam, hi. lama sangat dah aku x update blog aku nih. nk dekat sebulan kowt. n aku pon x mnyempat nk cerita psl hal2 peribadi n kehidupan aku. kekadang tuh bosan gk cter psl blogging jer..neway, arini nk cter skit psl silat tournament yg aku join dua bulan lepas kt ukm bangi. wlopon kalah final ngn bdk um, tapi puas hati gk laa maen arituh lgpon game nih ktorang iium silat team anggap sebgai pemanas badan jerr..huhu..

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Participate in Forum For Good Blog Promotion

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Blog owners pride themselves on a lot of fronts. First, blogs are usually about self-expression, and having people read about your life can be uplifting, not to mention inspiring. Second, blogs can be difficult to maintain, and blog writers need to be bursting with ideas and creativity in order to keep their blogs alive. Third, blogs don’t promote themselves, and the best blog owners are those who are able to spread the word about their blog and get a lot of attention in the process.

Why do blog owners want a lot of attention? Blogs are not just about expression nowadays. Thanks to the power of Internet marketing, blogs can be used to post advertisements. Each time blog readers click on these advertisements, the blog owner can get commissions.

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Spam Comments is NOT the Way to Promote Your Blog

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Okay, i’m back in business. Today is about SPAM. There are basically three words that can describe spam accurately: desperate, manipulative, evil.  While that may sound like the resume of some soap opera villain, it rings true for every one of us who have ever been burned by spam.  Spam is an example of why sometimes, the means does not justify the end.

True, the aim is to build buzz for your blog but the technique used is just plain wrong.  If you’re planning on leaving spam comments on other websites any time soon, know that it’s not the way to promote your blog.  On the contrary, you might even do damage to your blog without knowing it.

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Happy New Year 2009!

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happy new year 2009
Jadikanlah tahun baru ini sebagai permulaan lembaran baru di dalam hidup kita.

Persahabatan tidak tertarik kalau hati tidak tertarik
persahabatan tidak terbayang kalau hati tidak sayang
persahabatan tidak syahdu kalau hati tidak rindu

Teens Make Money Online wish you Happy New Year 2009!

Let it snow!

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Hi, yes..yes..i know its snowing heavily in this blog. hehe, so how is it? Cool huh. That is a javascript snow plugin for wordpress.org. knizam tell me about this and you should try it too. Click here.

Just wanna add something that yesterday, papabear give a reward for me. it is a Friendship Flower Award. Wow, i dont know what i had done to get the reward but it does feel great when someone actually remember us and showing some gratitude to this humble blog. Thanks Papabear!

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College..here we go again

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Hi guys, I’m back to my college at iium gombak after a month of holiday. Today is my first day attending my studio class in this semester. As i had told you that i’m first year architecture student. There will gonna be tons of work and project waiting to burden me after this as i had just received my first project brief this morning in the studio. I’m afraid of not having time to update my Teens Make Money Online after this. but don’t worry, as soon as i done all my studies on that particular day, i’ll get back blogging. Today, i just wandering and thinking about what i had done with my 30 days of holiday. here are the list:

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Lion and Lamb Love

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I don’t know why, but today I feel that I need to blow out my obsession and craziness which are conquering my mind this whole month. The thing is just a romantic movie. And the movie is Twilight.

I am not a very big fan of a romantic movie but sometimes I am. And I kind of person that prefer to watch movie at home in front of my TV or laptop rather than watching it in theater. I would love to spend my money on buying DVD and watch it with my whole family or just download it for free..hihi. Ok back to the Twilight. Before I watched the movie, I just saw it’s poster with a review quote stated

the most epic romance since titanic


Wow, titanic had been my favorite romantic movie before! Since I had not watched any romantic movie for a long period, so why don’t I just give a try! Firstly, I don’t know anything at all about Twilight, anything about its books and its movie series. But then, after I intensively curious to know about it, I google it and watch its trailer. For the first time, I fall in love with Twilight right away.

Movie Review – spoiler!
The cast are Robert Pattinson as Edward which previously had played as Cedric in Harry Potter. The actress is Kristen Stewart as Bella which I noticed her in Panic Room as the daughter of Jodie Foster in that movie. This review can be spoiler to anyone who doesn’t watch it yet, but I hope this summary can encourage you to watch the movie afterward. Bella (Kristen) is an ordinary girl who falls in love with a strange handsome guy Edward (Robert). But the problem is, Edward is a vampire. And also, he is different from his kind because he just drinks animal’s blood. However, he never wanted human’s blood before until he met Bella. Bella is like a personal drug to him that makes he thirst of her blood. But somehow, Edward falls into her too.


Lion and Lamb Love
This is a great love story that you need to watch. Young and cute actress Kristen had played the role nicely and naturally which also became a drug for me to watch her in this movie again and again. And of course, the actor Robert and Kristen can’t get away from gossip of their personal life between them. Another one like Zac and Vannessa? Hmm, there is lot of proves we can see that something is going on between them. Gorgeous actress like Kristen can absolutely made Robert can’t bear of her. Check out Everglow website. The site is dedicated to both of them made by the fans.

Twilight Author
Just to add on, for the fans of Twilight author, you can see the lovely Stephanie Meyer cameo in the movie which takes place on the second times Bella had her dinner with her father. This is kind of an inside joke when you can hear that Stephanie ordered a vegetarian veggie plate which subjected back to the vampire whose doesn’t eat human which is similar to a vegetarian vampire.

This Twilight movie is a box office and Teens Make Money Online recommend you to watch it. The movie which adapted from their bestselling 4 books Twilight Saga (twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn). Wait a minute, I heard this before, yeah just like the Harry potter sequel. But for now, good bye Harry potter. It’s Twilight time!

Finally, Upgraded to WordPress 2.7!

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Finally, after hours of making backup, deleting, downloading and uploading, i manage to upgrade my wordpress to the newest WP 2.7 from my previous 2.3 version. Actually this task will be easier and smoother if the internet connection doesn’t damn slow. Where as i need to download 1.2mb zip file which take me up to 15 minutes to finish it! Forget about the internet, had done the job already, now its time to talk about the newest 2.7 WP. For whom still using the older version, I usually say it is good idea to wait for another version but for WP 2.7, I highly recommending it for you. With all new looks and designs, 2.7 totally rocks! Goodbye to the old plain and simple looks.

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