Info: February 15, 2010 Posted by: dzul 1 comments

fuuh!..its been about a year i’ve not publish anything in this blog..i did not know why but i kinda lost my grip with blogging maybe due to my hectic lifestyle in campus and also because of the wifi connection which didn’t reach to my room..arrgh just imagine that!. all my friends out there, sorry for not being around in this blogging world although i’m still around in the real world..huhu..don’t worry guys, now i’m back and will keep myself with blogging. A year has gone and there are lot of things that had happened. i had a motocycle accident, broken leg, and serious injuries due to martial art tournament that i joined. that are the bad things only. but there lots more good things that happened and i’ll surely blog about it. moreover, i had missed lots of stories with all of u. cant wait to hear more..will keep in touch! Teens make money online are back!