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Hi there, today as I wondering around on other blogs i saw lot of them made an introduction about themselves and their blog in a blog post. Somehow after 4 month launching and starting this blog, I still don’t make an introduction post about me and my blog. Some people may say that if the readers need to

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know about the blog and its owner, they can just read the ‘about‘ page of the blog which surely lots of blog’s owner have that to brief about themselves. But how many people do you think that stated all about themselves in the ‘about’ page? Some of it just mentioned about their name and where they come from.

For me and lot of other bloggers out there, an introduction post is a must. An introduction post is actually to tell and to promote yourself or your own brand to all of your readers. Besides telling your reader deeper about yourself, you’re actually optimizing your brand and name in the search engine. That is why I always encourage my friends to take their own domain for their blog. That way, it will make you look professional and can also branding you own blog seriously. But still, the last thing to do is to build up a free blog with blogspot and start your introduction post.

Who is zulhusni

Alright, things gonna get personal. Firstly, of course zulhusni is my name. Live in Malaysia and still doesn’t have a chance to go abroad. Zulhisam is my father’s name. And zulkifly is my grandpa’s name. All three of us got the same front name ‘zul’. I don’t know if I want to give my son with the same front name of ‘zul’ and continue our family’s name tradition. But I can save thinking about it later because I am only 19 and still studying.

gaya seorang pendakipoyobiler laa mjlis kawen aku and somad

I am a first year architecture student in IIUM. I am an active and outdoor teen. Moreover, camping and hiking are my hobby and before I forget, martial arts are my favorite sport. 18 when I first start blogging with blogspot and learn a lot from my father. He is the one that inspired me on blogging after I saw he made his first million with the internet business. Now, I am a part timer student and a full time blogger! (mom gonna be mad when she know I’m saying this)

Zulhusni dot com a.k.a teens make money online

This blog is dedicated to myself on making it as a personal and an information blog. It was launched on June 2008 after months of learning and doing mistakes in hosting. I will more focusing on posting about blogging and how to earn extra money only with blogging. As a teen, I always tell my friends to involve in online business especially blogging. Therefore, Teens Make Money Online | Zulhusni is a place for them and for you! Hope you enjoy visiting my blog and if you like to know more about me and my blog, just leave a comment or fill in the contact form if it is kinda personal.